Mexican woman leaves surgery with British accent

    A Mexican woman left an operating room and when she began to talk there was a huge surprise. Lisa Alamia had surgery on her lower jaw and since then she’s had a British accent.

    “At first I didn’t notice but then my husband said I was talking funny. My surgeron thought that is was a physical result of the surgery and that it would go away once I healed”, said Alamia.

    After a visit with a neurologist in Houston Alamia was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome, a rare condition in which a person talks with a completely different accent. It usually occurs after brain trauma or spillage.

    In the last 100 years only 100 cases have been registered according to what Toby Yaltho says, a television neurologist from KTRK, affiliated with CNN. The specialist said that the woman doesn’t have cerebral lessions. Alamia is currently going through therapy to try and get her accent to return to normal.

    SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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