The San Pedro Streaker

    Everyone has their own way of dealing with the heat in Costa Rica

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    Earlier today authorities detained a 26 year old individual who was running nude around the Fuente de Hispanidad Fountain in San Pedro. Those who passed by the area were amazed and surprised to see the young man, whose last name has been indentified as Artarvia. Photos from the event have already started to flood the web.

    Authorities were alerted at 6:50 a.m. and no more than 10 minutes later the man was detained. He’s now being held at the police station in Montes de Oca.

    “The police have been waiting for a family member to come for him but at the moment he’s still being held at the station”, said Carlos Hidalgo, the minster of public safety. The streaker has no previous incidents with the law, and the police have yet to provide any further details.

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