Medical Tourism Being Seen as an Alternative To Obamacare

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Americans, yet to discover how Obamacare will affect their coverage and savings in the coming years, patients and baby-boomers are choosing a growing health care phenomenon abroad called medical tourism.

    Lack affordable health insurance plans, rising medical costs in general, long wait time for procedures and the massive explosion of the babyboomer population entering the years where they will need more health care, the rising phenomenon of medical tourism also called medical travel or international health travel been receiving a great deal of attention all over the globe.

    For those looking into medical travel there is a need for legitimate, safe choices and with diligence, perseverance, and quality information these medical travelers have an opportunity to save thousands of dollars over the same treatments in the United States.

    For the most part those that have given feedback on the medical tourism experiences have given overwhelming positive feedback.

    Let’s look at the top five reasons North Americas are looking at Medical Tourism in Costa Rica?

    1. Cost savings. By far the #1 reason for medical travelers. People are looking to get the most for their money. For example in Costa Rica, one of the fastest growing medical tourist destinations, you can save 20 to 85% over the cost of treatment in the United States, depending on type of treatment.

    2. Better-quality care in many countries. Experienced medical travelers know that the facilities, technology, and the level of customer service in medical treatment centers in countries like Costa Rica that have invested heavily in the industry, are often equal or exceed those found in the United States. Many Latin American countries have invested billions into expanding and improving their healthcare systems over the past decade.

    3. Excluded treatments on insurance plans. Often even the best health insurance plans have excluded conditions and treatments, which is an out of pocket expense for you. Treatments such as dental care, cosmetic surgeries, vision, weight loss programs, reproductive and infertility procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and anti-aging hormonal treatments, are a few that are often not covered on many insurance policies.

    4. No wait times. In Canada, and USA you often have to suffer through extremely long wait periods for a treatment or procedure, in some cases as long as two years. In many countries with developed medical travel industries there are very time is low to none.

    5. Superior inpatient care. Insurance companies want hospitals to process patients as quickly as possible for obvious reasons, therefore outpatient care procedures are being forced on the patients. Medical travelers enjoy far superior inpatient care at the best hospitals in countries like Costa Rica and where post-procedure is carefully measure for what is best for the patient.

    While there are challenges with medical travel, with a little research and good information from a reputable source your experience will be a positive. Medical tourism can be less stressful, as well as an opportunity to see a new culture and many enjoy a nice relaxing vacation after their treatment or procedure. For many medical travelers it is a life changing experience.

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