If you have not decided on your travel plans for next year, here are some suggestions. For the 15th consecutive time, the popular publisher ‘Lonely Planet’ has compiled a list of the best destinations it has to offer next year.

Each year, the editor evaluates the destinations nominated by its vast community of staff, writers, bloggers, editorial partners and more. Out of this year’s nominations, they have chosen 10 best countries, regions, cities and destinations of better value.

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By compiling this year’s the ‘Best in Travel’ list, the editor decided to emphasize the most resonant theme of the current days: sustainability. That is why their selection aims to guarantee travelers that they will have a positive impact wherever they choose to go.

Among the many reasons why the South Asian country, Bhutan, occupies the 1st place on the list, it is its approach to a greener life that has attracted the most attention. In 2020, the kingdom will become the first completely organic nation.

Spectacular sightseeinging in Bhutan

The 2nd place in the category of the main countries belongs to England, while North Macedonia occupies the 3rd place.

Position 4 belongs to Aruba. In southern Aruba, the cultural center of San Nicolás, known as Sunrise City, enjoys a colorful and creative renaissance, with international and local artists adorning the walls of the streets and emerging carnival experiences that extend happy vibes more beyond the annual festivities. Equally important and worthy of celebration are the country’s ambitious sustainability efforts.

Aruba has offered the island to be a testing center for renewable energy solutions in other countries and is working to implement a ban on all single-use plastics and sunscreens that destroy the reefs in 2020. With a surge of new accommodations to share the home and experiences on offer, an authentic, more affordable and sustainable Aruba awaits among its palm-lined and pristine beaches.

The 5th country is South Africa. Here a small, pleasant and full of culture, adventure and legendary wildlife, the newly named Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) is one of the most underrated (and least visited) destinations in southern Africa.

Safari tours are very attractive among tourists

A new international airport, as well as an improved road infrastructure between it, the conservation areas and the capital aim to increase the number of visitors in the coming years: come here in 2020 to ensure a front seat. The varied landscapes within its parks and reserves provide an exciting revelation after another, whether in zip lines, trekking, whitewater rafting or amazing encounters with rhinos. Mix in a feeling of widespread peace and fascinating cultural festivities and you will be smiling all the way home.

Now it is the turn for Central America. Costa Rica flies the flag of sustainable tourism. The vast biodiversity of this small country attracts visitors eager to see lazy sleepers (sloths) in the trees, red-eyed frogs that paralyze their predators, and whales in the Pacific.

Costa Ricans understand the importance of preserving their portion of tropical paradise and have found a way to invite others while living in harmony with their neighbors, from leaf-cutting ants to jaguars. Around 90% of the country’s energy is created by renewable sources and could become one of the first carbon-neutral countries in 2020. Adventurers can walk volcanoes or ride a zip line, while those who crave time to I can enjoy yoga retreats and spa experiences. The phrase ‘Pure Life’ is more than a saying; it is a way of life.

Do not forget the Netherlands! In the year that marks 75 years of freedom since the end of World War II, the Netherlands is ready to celebrate with events across the country. Vibrant Amsterdam is always worth a visit, but by making use of the excellent train network, you can explore a lot of celebrations in dazzling cities and get more for your euros.

An impressive ship sailing at night in The Netherlands

April and May are the months to visit since you can enjoy King’s Day, Liberation Day and the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in the country this year. Join the growing network of more than 35,000 km of bike trails to explore attractions beyond cities, such as the Unesco World Heritage site, the Wadden Sea, and discover the richness of nature that this little country has to offer.

In the 8th position, it is Liberia. For most strangers, Liberia is a mystery. But those who are aware of that are lyrical about the optimism of its people and the natural wonders of the country. There are idyllic beaches, bathed by some of the best waves in West Africa in low-profile resorts like Robertsport.

Then there is the Toad National Park, the second largest area of ​​primary forest in West Africa. In these dense forests, you have the chance to run into chimpanzees, forest elephants and the famous pygmy hippos of Liberia, no bigger than a Shetland pony. Better yet, an innovative development agreement with Norway to stop all deforestation by 2020 seems ready to keep this natural treasure safe for generations.

Position 9 is for Morocco, a country that is having a moment, with traditional attractions complemented by sustainable but elegant accommodations, restaurants serving seasonal products and coastal wellness retreats that combine yoga and surfing. And thanks to the improved infrastructure, it is easier to move on the road, while Africa’s first high-speed train means it can fly from Casablanca to Tangier in just 2 hours.

The old medinas are renewed in Fez, Essaouira, Meknes, Tetouan, and Marrakech, which will be crowned the first Capital of Culture of Africa in 2020 in celebration of its rich heritage. And you can still escape the crowds in the villages of the Berber mountains, the Atlantic desert beaches, and the desert outposts.

Finally, if Uruguay is not yet on your South American wish list, 2020 is the perfect year to add it. With 660 kilometers of Río de la Plata and the Atlantic coast, a flourishing wine industry, bubbling hot springs and endless rolling pastures where the greatness of South America feels seductively tangible, Uruguay has something for everyone.

Partial view of Montevideo, Uruguay

The country has also defended the promotion of sustainable tourism. But what visitors remember most is the relaxed, welcoming and realistic people of Uruguay, and the subtle, but deep beauty of the country’s landscape, from the long and untamed Atlantic coast to the unlimited open spaces of the lowlands.

Lonely Planet Top-10 cities for 2020

  • Bhutan.
  • England.
  • North Macedonia.
  • Aruba.
  • Eswatini.
  • Costa Rica.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Liberia.
  • Morocco.
  • Uruguay.

Lonely Planet Top-10 cities for 2020

  • Salzburg, Austria.
  • Washington, DC, United States.
  • Cairo, Egypt.
  • Galway, Ireland.
  • Bonn, Germany.
  • La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Kochi, India.
  • Vancouver, Canada.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Denver, United States.
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