A music London enterprise offers free days to their hung-over employees so that they can enjoy their night life routine and have a good performance at work the next day.

“Our employees won’t have to say they have caught the flu or feign sickness. They will be free to say the truth to their boss without worrying about what would happen next” – says DICE, a company that sells Smartphones concert tickets based in Shoreditch.


After a night party, the employee can message the emotion “beer”, “sick” or “music” to their boss to let him / her know that he/she is not going to work the following day. They can take up to four days to rest.

The company encourages the staff to enjoy London’s music thoroughly. Going to bed very late because of a long night of concert is enough to skip work without getting dismissed.

“All our team is fond of music and they are usually called up to sing and play in concerts. We believe in this team and for this reason, the company wants each one of its member to enjoy night life to the maximum. It is not necessary to call in sick, when that’s not true at all.” – said Phil Hutcheon, Dice’s founder, during an interview.

London’s night life is very rich and there are always concerts and shows hard to miss out on.

Restaurants, pubs, and discos are common. As a result, some metro lines are now working till all hours during the weekend.

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