Three Places You Should Visit If You Ever Come to Costa Rica

These places are perfect for kayaying and a good diving

Life is beautiful but it is even more beautiful if you learn about the best aquatic destinations that could give you the best travel experience ever. In Costa Rica, there are several lakes and lagoons you could pay a visit. Travelling there is cheap (and often free). Costa Rican lakes and lagoons are surrounded by nature, which makes them ideal for families looking to go on a picnic or for a group of friends looking to make a tour around these sites. Aside from this, if you ever travel to one of these places, you will be free to dive into their crystal-clear waters.

These are some lakes and lagoons that you can visit if you come to Costa Rica.

  1. Arenal Lake

It belongs to San Carlos Canton. It is the largest lake in the country and was originated from an artificial reservoir that was built in the proximity of two ancient communities: Arenal Viejo and Tronadora. Due to the creation of the reservoir, these communities were moved out there so that the construction of a power plant could be done.

2. Hule Lagoon

It belongs to a canton called Grecia. Hule lagoon is a marvelous tourist destination, however, it is not so visited by Costa Ricans. It is located in the Bosque Alegre Wildlife Refuge. There are two other lagoons near Hule: Congo and Bosque Alegre but Hule is the largest one. In the past, it was a volcanic crater. The lagoon is surrounded by forest with big trees, fern and all kind of natural beauty along with an impressive fauna: sloths, white-faced monkeys, coyotes, margay cats, coatis, and sainoes.

3. Cote Lagoon

It is part of the Guatuso Canton. It is a small 11-meter deep lagoon considered as a crater owing to its geological features. You can get there by traveling northbound towards Arenal Lake. This place is ideal for going kayaking and fishing.