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    Costa Rica is attracting record numbers of people that are looking to retire, buy a second home, or start a business. Called the Jewel of Central America, Costa Rica has become the destination of choice in Central and South America. Living in Costa Rica is far easier than you may think – with huge benefits and very affordable for everyone.

    People choose to live in Costa Rica for many reasons and apart from being one of the most beautiful and stunning places on the planet, chalk full of wildlife and natural beauty with a wide variety of environment to choose from, people mostly come here because you get a lot bang for your buck.

    While there is a lot of petty crime Costa Rica has very low violent crime rate. Infrastructure has improved tremendously over the past decade, and flights from major US and Canadian cities to San Jose and Liberia are being added at a significant rate.

    Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why so many people are moving to Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica Real Estate

    The cost of property in Costa Rica is cheaper in comparison to the US with beachfront properties costing up to 75% less.

    The cost of a three bedroom home begins around $70,000 mark, although some remote areas are even cheaper.

    Property taxes are very low, and of course no capital gains tax when selling your Costa Rica property. Foreigners have the same rights as residents..
    Labor very inexpensive, a full-time maid is approximately $400 per month.

    Costa Rica real estate slowed during the economic downturn, but prices seem to be at or very near the bottom of the barrel, so now more than ever Costa Rica is an ideal place to buy a second home.

    Cost of Living in Costa Rica

    you get more for your money When you live in Costa Rica, with most things being cheaper than in the US and Canada . Further, low inflation means your money just goes further.
    Medical care, food, utilities, rent entertainment are substantially lower than in the US and Canada.

    By living in Costa Rica, you get access to world-class healthcare at up to 65% less than US and Canada.

    In Costa Rica, you’ll have a comfortable lifestyle for around $2,000 a month.

    Costa Rica Lifestyle

    Many North Americans living in Costa Rica enjoy the slower paced, friendly lifestyle, but living in Costa Rica you can still find a great deal U.S. culture.

    One of the major attractions of living in Costa Rica is the weather. Inland temperatures of 80 degrees during the day, and 60 to 70 degrees at night, make it a comfortable climate all year round. Coastal areas feel the heat and humidity much more.

    Living in Costa Rica gives you a wide range of things to do and enjoy; golf, fishing, surfing, diving, white-water rafting, nature hikes, kayaking… to mention just a few.

    Safety in Costa Rica

    Latin America has become very popular, but if you’re choosing a country in this area, then living in Costa Rica has advantages over other countries.

    Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala are cheaper – but the quality of life and infrastructure are not as good and safety is a major concern, as violent crime, kidnappings, as well as drug wars, are a problem in these countries.

    In conclusion, living in Costa Rica gives you a better and safer lifestyle and has something for everyone.

    Living in Costa Rica is an adventure and a lifestyle choice – they call it the ‘road less traveled’.

    You’ll never be bored unless you want to be and there a place in Costa Rica suits people with any budget level.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a tropical paradise, then consider living in Costa Rica, the Jewel of Central America.

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