Live the Experience: Looking For Opportunities in The United States or Costa Rica

    The decision to go live in another country generates expectations, normal for every human being, much more so if the person goes in search of opportunities...

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    Sometimes we do not have everything to feel satisfied and say “here where I am at this moment is not the ideal place for me”, even if we are natives of a country and have incredible beings by our side, wanting opportunities, a better quality of life will be a constant.

    How many people emigrate daily to other nations, knowing that nothing in life is easy, but with sacrifice and commitment, as well as responsibility to keep the effort going, you can achieve everything you set out to do.

    The American dream is always in sight, imagine there are more than 120,000 Costa Ricans living in the United States, giving the best of themselves. And there are approximately 60 million Latino migrants in the United States including those of Costa Rican nationality and who have been striving to achieve their goals.

    Tico opportunities

    There are many cases of Ticos who have been very successful in the United States, and who travel to Costa Rica to appreciate over and over again, on vacation, all that their native country offers, including its incredible beaches and landscapes.

    A great example

    Recently, we met a Costa Rican who lives in Las Vegas and is a butler to stars and millionaires. It is worth mentioning that this citizen Gustavo Corrales has lived in the United States for more than 35 years, since he was very young and decided that his future would be in another country.

    Before moving to the United States, he spent time in Mexico, a country he says he is very grateful to and where he learned to speak English as best he could. As in everything, sacrifice and perseverance are required, 10 years ago he took a course in England to become the best butler possible. He earned a diploma after finishing the course and that today accredits him as a professional butler.

    Working as a butler at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, he has met great artists, from Michael Jackson, President George H. W. Bush, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Manny Pacquiao, among others.

    Just like other Ticos, Gustavo always returns to Costa Rica once a year, and enjoys the beaches and mountains, for at least 15 days. After his retirement at age 60, he plans live in San Carlos, La Fortuna in a property that he managed to buy.

    Success is also seen by foreigners in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a country that many know in the world for its tourist wonders, where its spectacular beaches stand out, a unique natural environment, warm and supportive people, as well as a highly developed hotel industry, for this and much more, it is considered by the World Economic Forum as the second most competitive tourist destination in the world this year 2022, for people who retire and want to have a good time. It is worth noting that in 2019 it received 3.1 million tourists, according to the World Tourism Organization.

    Therefore, Costa Rica is, increasingly, a country that attracts investors, professionals and even pensioners, who decide to move to the Central American country for the conditions it offers to people who want to prosper in its territory. There are so many foreigners who own hotels, restaurants and start-ups, who have always believed in Costa Rica.

    What to know before going to live in Costa Rica?

    For moving to Costa Rica, you must have your documents and visas, they will ask for your birth certificate, marital status, and proof of your financial situation, as well as a criminal record certificate.

    Remember, you must have your documents apostilled to be able to deliver them to the immigration authorities without any inconvenience. The passport must be up to date and for now, a certificate that you are vaccinated. To work and study, you must obtain a residence permit.

    Looking for opportunities never is a bad idea in the life of any Latin or American citizen, but in the end they will always want to return to their roots, their culture and their landscapes, despite the success they have…

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