San Jose [TCRN – Arceyut Productions recently announced the arrival famous NBA stars such as Dennis Rodman Payton, Bonzi Wells, Travis Best and Muggsy Bogues, Jayson Williams, Horace Grant and Shawn Kemp Reignman, among others, as part of the event Legends of Basketball 2012, which will take place on Saturday, July 28th at Palacio de los Deportes in Heredia.
These legends of the NBA, who joined several national teams in the US under the so-called “Dream Team”, will play against a Costa Rican basketball team that has yet to be confirmed.
According to Arceyut, they are currently looking for the opposing team that will take on these famous NBA legends.

“We want a good team to show the high level of Costa Rican basketball, which has brought much joy and recognition to the history of Costa Rican sport, “said Arceyut in their website.

The evening will also have the performance of AND 1, the most explosive and spectacular street basketball team in the world, which takes basketball to a level you have never seen before.

Dennis “Spyda” Chism, Robert “50” Martin, Marvin “High Rizer” Collins, Kendall “Kasper” Boyd-Hill, Alonso “Amazing” Miles and Phillip “Hot Sauce” Champion will demonstrate why basketball is simply a lifestyle for them.

Meanwhile, Brandon “Werm” Lacue, Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington, Jamar “Pharmacist” Paris and Terriel “Rell Emcee” Alston will perform acrobatic acts around the court.
In addition, these “magicians” of basketball will share with the public their testimony of how sport can be a way to write one’s own stories of success and self improvement.


In addition to the game of “Legends of Basketball 2012” against the Costa Rican basketball team, the evening includes another game between international teams, which will go down in the history of Costa Rican sports.
The basketball court of the Palacio de los Deportes has the official measures of the NBA, a factor that will guarantee the high level of the show.

Tickets Price and Location

Diamante ¢ 100,000, only 48 seats next to the players
Platino ¢ 75,000
Oro ¢ 45,000
Graderia Este y Oeste ¢ 28,000
Graderia Norte y Sur ¢ 15,000

Tickets can be purchased at, Play stores and Importadora Monge.

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