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2 living-room armchairs

Wood: Hepplewhite – mahogany – white fabric;  excellent condition; age – pre-WWII

Would not be able to buy this quality in stores today

$2000 Each

Martha Washington Armchair


Needs New Fabric


Black Leather Multi-Position Lounger


Custom-made white leather settee

Zippered cushions

Excellent condition– 1972


Three vintage wood dressers/bureaus

Dust panels between drawers

Dovetail construction’ solid, not veneered

2 in excellent condition; 1 has a flaw in one leg, but still sturdy, no problem.

5 drawers – 32”W x 49”H X 32”D – $600
6 drawers – 29”W x 4’H X 26”D – $600
7 drawers: 4 full width & 3 smaller sharing top row: 40”W x 4’H X 22”D – $300

Cast iron base of glass-topped coffee table ; white base; half-inch tempered smoke glass.  Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass.  Some folks say ten times stronger: glass is 30-something inches wide x 20-something inches deep.  The base, which is wider and deeper than the glass, has Queen Anne type legs and curves (like Charm Crawford or Glenwood).


Dining table – 5’ round glass top with 1/2-inch thick tempered glass


Two vintage, painted. matching mahogany night stands,

shelf and drawer in each: 17”W x 26”H x 15” D


One straight, modern style, 4-drawer walnut veneer bureau – chipped from moving


One vintage wood bookcase: 47½”H x 18”W x 8½”D


8 bookcases, wood, painted white: three are 3’W x 6’H and are 1’W x 6’H

$2000 Each

1 half-size white wooden bookcase


Folding black metal stand with tapestry webbing: 22” W x 19½”H x 15”D


Rolling kitchen cart: wooden, two shelves below the top


Full length mirror


Vintage wall-mirror – Chippendale?  40”H x 32”W

wood frame has scrolls, etc. on top and bottom and lower sides



White flokati, a handmade shag wool rug – from Greece 7’5” long x 5½’ wide


Rya rug – living room.  Rya is a multi-colored Scandinavian knotted-pile wool rug with a long pile of about 1 to 3 inches: 11’6” long x 8’5”wide


Bedside rug, green background with floral pattern


Fur rug – from Russian wolf “scraps” made in northern Greece



Greek woodcut


The original woodcut is in Benaki Museum in Athens


Epidauros: 39½”H x 27”W   Van Sabben Auctions Poster Auction 37  Posters (3) by F.V. Carabott – grèce

Grèce – 89×98,5, 1963, added: M. Katzourakis, Epidavros Fest, 1966, 2 diff. images by F.V. Carabott (1924-)


Griechenland: : 39”H x 27½”W


Antique print – 19th century

Picture in wood frame: 6”W x 7½’H

Oil painting –primarily red and black/green/purple

Yin and Yang  Canvas problem: 40”W x 46”H

Art Deco print.  “SUMMER” – unframed, in plastic for protection

A portrait of a woman 1954, done by student and at National Gallery in Wash, D.C.; 29”H x 26”W

Antique photo of my maternal grandparents – circa 1905–1907

original frame: 12½”W x 14”H, in carved wood frame

Framers label on back



Outdoor cedar plant holders on rollers

handmade for former swimming-pool  room

$50 Each

One Sony boom box: 17”W x 6 or 7”D


Dirt Devil vacuum, like new



Many vases, ceramic, glass, different colors, shapes, and sizes


Silver Tray —  18” in diameter

Bubble glass tray–18” in diameter–with matching condiment dish to be set in center

Brass hand-hammered Arab tray – one of a kind – 26”  in diameter


Refrigerator – college-dorm size L 17”W x 19½”W x 18½”D


Two microwaves:

One large with built-in toaster (black) from Sears USA in need of internal repair.

One (white) from CR in excellent condition.


Three coffeemakers – all 12 cup

one in need of repair

one needs new pot

one excellent condition



Pots, Pans, Utensils



Hammer, Sceewdriver, etc…



Silver Tray —  18” in diameter

Bubble glass tray–18” in diameter–with matching condiment dish to be set in center

Brass hand-hammered Arab tray – one of a kind – 26”  in diameter





Classics (Sets)

Miscellaneous, including many cookbooks and many plant books


Other Items

Assorted clothes still in plastic wrapping from store Plus sizes

Many throw pillows. Different patterns, colors

Hand-crocheted acrylic blankets



Silver Fruit Bowl