Learn How to Prevent Venous Diseases

    This ailment can cause irreversible damage such as ulcers and lymphatic diseases

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    Pain, swelling, heaviness, difficulty standing for more than 15 or 20 minutes, varicose veins, spider veins and numbness in the legs, are some symptoms that indicate the presence of a venous disease in the body. The disease can cause irreversible damage, such as skin ulcers, lymphatic diseases, and venous thrombosis.

    “On many occasions the main causes of these conditions can be inflammatory or obstructive; however, there are factors that accelerate the appearance of these, such as hormonal changes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged positions in the same manner (standing or sitting), the use of contraceptive pills and smoking”, explained Gabriella Chinchilla, a physiotherapist specialized in the treatment of vascular diseases.

    How to prevent them

    In a survey carried out by the JOBST brand, it was determined that although most people know or have heard about venous diseases, the minority know how they are identified, how they can be prevented and what are the correct treatments to treat them.

    Experts, on the National Day for the Prevention of Venous Disease, which was celebrated this past March 3rd, called on the population to be alert to this disease, which can appear anywhere on the body, but frequently It mainly affects the veins of the legs, since it is in this area where there is greater pressure.

    Useful advice

    They also provided recommendations to prevent the disease: maintain good hydration and moisture of the skin, use compression stockings preventively, elevation of the legs and active breaks to help with venous return.

    And advised preventing this condition by maintaining an active life through exercise and changes of position during the workday, as well as following a balanced diet and limiting the consumption of liquor.

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