Johan, the Garbage Collector-Dancer: “We Are Worth A Lot To Costa Rica”

    Johan Rugama is proud of his work and his movements of “Swing Criollo”

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    Johan Rugama, the sanitation collaborator of the Municipality of San José who was caught dancing Swing Criollo while doing his work, made himself known throughout Costa Rica and made it very clear that his work is honorable and valuable for the country.

    In addition to being emphatic in his passion for dance, Johan Rugama recalled that his work is of the utmost importance for the communities. “I hope that all my colleagues feel very well, because we work with garbage, it does not mean that we are worth nothing. We are worth a lot to the country,” said the collector.

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    Dance went viral

    The video of Rugama dancing was initially published on the TikTok platform and later shared by the Municipality of San José this past Friday. His Swing Criollo movements went viral and he pased on joy to those who encountered him on the street and those who saw him on social networks.

    Now, Johan is trending. Therefore, he took the opportunity to tell his motivation and the desire to see life from another perspective. “I’m here to serve you. Yesterday they took a video of me and it went viral. I hope you like it. I am a person who likes to dance. I am without fear of success,” he added. Facebook users also recognize the importance of his work, and thank him for the way of brightening the day and for his effort during work.

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