Jaguar was Photographed by a Surfer in Guanacaste

    While enjoying the waves, the surfer noticed the unusual visit

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    A surfer named Kamalani, published three photo prints while surfing in Guanacaste. The surfer was enjoying the waves in the Santa Rosa National Park in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, when she was able to observe a spectacular feline in the sand. It was a jaguar that rested under the shade of a tree, on Potrero Grande beach in the Guanacaste Conservation Area (ACG).

    In Guanacaste, a significant upturn has been detected in the jaguar population. The analyzes show at least one complete population. These data are obtained thanks to photographs taken by a hundred camera traps – which are activated with motion sensors – distributed throughout the Protected Area evidencing 125 healthy adult felines. Some 20 years ago that figure could have been as low as 50 jaguars.

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