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    When we hear the phrase “elixir of eternal youth” we perhaps think of a wish that only a genius can fulfill inside a lamp, that we must sell our souls to the devil or that perhaps we need to be famous and count with a lot of money to finance dozens of cosmetic surgeries, but today I want to tell you that you do not need any of the three previous options.

    We notice the passage of time in our body after the appearance of looser skin, weaker muscles, more fragile bones, thinner and more brittle hair and that without glasses we cannot read the letters small newspaper; all these signals depend on a common factor, and it is an imbalance between the production and natural destruction of a molecule called collagen, then we can counteract aging by promoting resources for the endogenous production of collagen.

    Do you know what collagen is?

    Today you read and hear the word collagen in the most cosmetic products, but do you really know what collagen is? Let me explain, collagen is a protein made up of an intertwined fiber like the threads of a rope are intertwined, which is found in practically all of our tissues, representing almost a quarter of all the weight of our body, so if it is everywhere, it is very important.

    Collagen is formed by the interlocking of three amino acids called proline, glycine, and lysine; Of these three, our body is capable of producing only the first two, therefore, lysine is obtained exclusively from the diet, making it essential to consume the group of foods that have it, among which we can mention: meat of animal origin (especially fish) , dairy (milk and cheese), eggs, legumes (grains such as lentils and beans) and fruits (peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.).

    No excuses

    Then there are no excuses, you know what are the foods that should not be missing in your diet. You must see collagen as a tower of legos, therefore you should not consume entire towers of legos (collagen) but guarantee in your diet each of the blocks (amino acids) that will allow your cells to build all the necessary collagen for each of the functions that it fulfills in our body.

    Many important roles

    To have another approach to the importance of collagen, there are twenty-one types distributed throughout our body, which they range from the most rigid or type I, which is part of our bones to type XXI, which is part of the gums;

    I mention this to you because currently collagen is being used for purely aesthetic purposes when the truth is that it fulfills more important roles, such as the contraction and relaxation of your heart with each beat, the expansion and reduction of your lungs with each breath and the display of your teeth and gums in every smile It is there where you find the elixir of eternal youth; because it is not about keeping our faces wrinkle free but ensuring strong, healthy and functional organs.
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