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    Wonders of the abilities or faculties that make a presence in your life

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    Unexpectedly, situations arise that awaken the gifts of our hidden senses, almost without realizing it, you believe that magic makes a presence in your life, sometimes in an inexplicable way, as if an event from another dimension were occurring and you are the observer, because the treasures and wonders of the abilities or faculties that you begin to discover.

    As I narrate in the following story, from real life:

    Late at night, the grandmother lying on her bed, with severe headaches (migraine), requests the presence of her granddaughter, to help her heal. Suddenly the healer entered; She was a girl of about seven years old, the grandmother immediately feels emotion because she knows that soon she will stop feeling pain.

    In complete silence, the girl stands next to her, and with her small hands she touches her grandmother’s head. After a few minutes the healing has finished, she removes her hands and the grandmother, is already asleep and relieved. Who discovered the girl’s power to heal? What unknowns were presented to her parents to handle this situation? How many questions arose when faced with this. The Girl, one day visited a family that had adopted a small puppy.

    But this puppy was sick, convulsed and fell. The lady of the house, who knew about the girl’s gifts, gave her the little dog to help. The girl took the puppy, placed it on her legs and covered it with her hands, after a while, she released the puppy, and made him walk, immediately the puppy vomited and ran away very happy, he never convulsed again.

    The “Girl”, woke up one morning, and had had a dream that later became a premonition, since it was a journey of a trip, which hours later that same day, her father decided to make a surprise. On the way, the “Girl” detailed everything she had seen in her dream. Her parents did not explain how their daughter knew those places. She could also predict when someone was about to die.
    Over the years, this “Girl” becomes a woman, and even in her adulthood she continues to discover new gifts, such as telepathy, channeling, dowsing, and others; some more developed than others.

    The “New Age”

    At the University of Life and with the help of some schools of teaching in the different themes of the New Age, she has deepened the gifts that have helped heal many people, from the most simple, as well as complex, including the disappearance of tumors.

    Remember to live, be happy, if you have these gifts or hidden senses, you can help many people, and render a beautiful service to humanity, and in your walk through the paths you will discover infinite wonders that are about to happen.

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