ICJ Issues New Precautionary Measures in Costa Rica-Nicaragua case

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    Photo of Nicaraguan boat involved in dredging operation which is denied by NicaraguaThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – A Nicaraguan lawyer Mauricio Herdocia today announced that the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which will hold new public hearings between 14th and 17th of October on the border dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to issue new measures.

    “Nicaragua’s response has been very strong, in the sense that there is no way to attribute to Nicaragua … the alleged construction of these pipes,” said Herdocia.

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    The ICJ, based in The Hague (Netherlands), summoned the parties for a new audience after the a request from the Government of Costa Rica the previous week, to issue new precautionary measures on the disputed territory between the two countries.

    The Court case is in regards to a demand from Costa Rica against Nicaragua for an alleged invasion of its territory and environmental damage over a piece of land that both claim as their own in the Caribbean, on the San Juan River border.

    The ICJ ordered Costa Rica and Nicaragua that neither send military and police forces nor civilians into the area known as Isla Portillos, of San Jose, and Harbour Head of Managua, an area that both countries are claiming on the border river San John.

    The Costa Rican authorities insist that Nicaraguans have not met this resolution, which was denies Managua.

    Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, reported two weeks ago that Nicaragua has opened two waterways in the disputed area, causing great environmental damage.

    Chinchilla reported this same situation last week during her speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations and proposed mechanisms to ensure that precautionary measures issued by international tribunals are effectively met.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua said that they have “strictly observed the injunction” issued by the Court “and that has not done any work in the disputed area because of the existing ban.

    On 16 July, the ICJ rejected two applications for Costa Rica and Nicaragua to modify its decision in March 2011 that prevented them from sending staff to the area and in particular the order to the parties to “refrain from any action which might aggravate or extend their differences. ” EFE

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
    San Jose Costa Rica

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