In recent weeks, several American based airlines have announced the increase of flight departures from the United States to Costa Rica, and vice versa, in order to offer travelers the possibility of having better options that suit their needs.

The Spanish airline, Iberia, was not far behind. So a few days ago, it informed through a press release that will offer “a new family of fares on its flights to Costa Rica by giving, this way, more options to its customers”. The initiative consists of offering 2 new rates to travelers: the Basic and the Optimal.

Iberia aircraft fleet
Iberia aircraft fleet

The Basic will be the most economical of all the usual rates and this will allow customers to customize their trip and pay only for the services they require. And in turn, you can enjoy -like the rest of the passengers traveling in the tourist cabin- food, headphones, and a blanket.

For its side, the Optimal fare will include more carry-up luggage in the cabin, pre-checked baggage, and the selection of your seat at a reasonable price.

Iberia is a Spanish airline that, since 2004, offers flights between Costa Rica and Europe. It is currently considered a leader in the routes between Europe and Latin America. In fact, it offers around 600 flights a day to 50 countries in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia; not in vain, it has a fleet of 135 aircraft.