How To Cloth Diaper in Costa Rica

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    With today’s technology, cloth diapers can be found in any color or print, with several mechanical options.

    Many parents of small children find themselves disgusted with the endless trash that disposable diapers contribute to the land fills. As first time parents, were so astonished with our newborn’s daily contribution, that we decided to find another way to handle this messy “business.”

    We quickly found that there were modern cloth diapers out there, with a massive following. Now, after cloth diapering for years, we’ve finally settled on our personal favorite — the pocket diaper with snaps. Many different brands make this particular style, all with their own unique touch on the cloth diaper.

    Cloth Diapering in a Developing Country

    Upon moving to Costa Rica, I was unsure of how the move would affect my cloth diapering routine. Would I have access to a good washing machine and clothes dryer? Would I just start hang-drying my diapers, like I really should be doing? Would I be able to find the right laundry detergent for my brands of diapers? And lastly, where can I source safe cleaners for babies?

    It took me a few months, but I finally fell into a comfortable system with my cloth diaper stash in Costa Rica.

    Washing Cloth Diapers

    First, don’t worry about having an America Standard washing machine — the tico washers work just as well, and most short-term rentals are furnished with either type.

    As every cloth diapering mother has her own particular wash routine, I have my own simple system: cold rinse, hot/cold cycle with a little detergent, then an extra rinse. Some friends in Costa Rica pour boiling water onto the rinsed diapers, for extra bacteria-fighting purposes, but I haven’t found that necessary.

    To dry, I started to hang my diapers on the line, every time. I am ashamed to admit that while I had the luxury of a laundry dryer, I frequently threw the diapers in the machine out of pure laziness. What I needed to live greener was a real kick in the pants. The universe handed me a new house, without a dish washer or clothes dryer.

    I found I didn’t mind the extra effort it takes to hang the clothes and diapers outside, accompanied by a symphony of birds. We enjoyed fresh, sunny mornings, so this routine has become something I actually take pleasure in. Simple DIY Tips that Benefit the Earth and Your Wallet.

    The hunt for the right laundry detergent was the most difficult hurdle in moving to Central America. I never did find a traditional “Free & Clear” detergent in the local grocery store. Luckily, I made friends with other mothers who cloth diaper, and they shared with me the exact recipe and how to find it in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.

    Cloth Diaper Laundry Soap Recipe

    • 1 part Washing Soda (called soda ash and found at pool stores)
    • 1 part Borax (called acido borico and found in pharmacies)
    • 0.5 parts Oxiclean Vanish for colors

    Once you hunt these ingredients down, you will have everything you need to continue cloth diapering in Costa Rica. Make sure to bring your stash from the States, however, because cloth diapers are not sold in this country. It is worth the extra baggage, I assure you. When you have your laundry on the line and no worry of buying another bag of disposables, you can relish your time in an ecologically-healthy country without handing it a daily bag of diaper-trash.

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