Burger King Shuts Down in Costa Rica, effective immediately

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    The land of pura vida may never again savor the taste of a Whopper, but that’s not the only effect of BK’s abrupt closure.

    If you would have known the last Whopper you bought was going to be your last, would you have eaten differently? Chewed it slower? Taken more time to smell its meaty aroma? Would you have ordered a side of tots or maybe arrived early to get some french toast?

    All jokes aside, Burger King’s sudden closure this morning came as a shock to many. While the company shut down four franchises earlier this year, the immediate and absolute cease of all national operations was unexpected — perhaps even to them. The following was posted last night at 5:40pm:

    Reservado especialmente para vos. 😉

    Posted by Burger King on Sunday, October 4, 2015

    The post of a chair with the iconic BK crown reads: “Saved especially for you. ;)”

    Among those most affected are the now 434 former BK employees that were left without jobs early this morning. BK Costa Rica has promised to pay all former collaborators according to Costa Rica legislation, but where that money will come from is unknown since the mother-corporation in the United States has refused to share any liquidation funds with workers.

    According to a press release published about an hour ago on BK Costa Rica’s Facebook page, the closure came as a mandate to them from The Burger King Corporation of the United States (BKC USA). It appears the two had been in a disagreement about company operations. The US site already removed Costa Rica from their list of international franchises.

    BK Costa Rica had been working with the Costa Rican Ministry of External Commerce to prevent shutting down.

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