How Many Times Should Food Be Chewed?

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    The Merck Manuals of diagnosis and therapy explain that the digestive system is responsible for receiving food, breaking it down after the person performs the act of chewing, and transforming it into nutrients (a process known as digestion). Afterward, its absorption by the bloodstream is ensured and the remains of non-digestible food are eliminated from the body.

    Many specialists argue that an outstanding digestive process begins when the action of chewing food is performed. People often eat very quickly -or even eat while talking-, actions that cause food to be swallowed without chewing it sufficiently.

    Not chewing food enough can cause some digestive problems causing indigestion, bloating, heartburn, constipation, headache, or lack of energy. For this reason, many specialists ask their patients to take the time to chew each bite leisurely up to 10 times to break down the largest particles of food, until they are reduced to facilitate the work of digestion for the body.

    It is known that when people do not chew well, the satiety center is not activated. This causes, for short intervals of time, people feel hungry again. Notably, some nutritionists have argued that eating should be an important activity. That is why it must be done in a suitable space where all attention can be focused on the eating process.

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