Next to the sea, behind the jutting grey rocks there is a lovely eco-friendly hotel called Hotel Amor de Mar.

Hotel Amor de Mar: The Prettiest Ecohotel in MontezumaWith eleven rooms, each one has its own unique style, as well as two wonderful villas are available for their guests. This bed and breakfast is definitely an insider tip in Montezuma, Costa Rica!

The owner of this lovely hotel is a lovely German woman who has created a wonderful place settled into nature. Surrounded by the sea, rocks, and mountains sits the hotel, where the staff is outstandingly nice and the rooms are incredible.

The river cascades down the mountainside directly behind the hotel, creating waterfalls and pools of all sizes. It’s like a calming natural spa in their backyard.

Everything in this hotel embodies the green persona. All the bathrooms are equipped with water saving toilets and they only use 100% biodegradable cleaning materials, including dish soap and laundry soap.  The villas in the garden of the hotel area are broad, stunning and luxurious, but it never seems like the surrounding ecosystem was never disturbed.

Hotel Amor de Mar: The Prettiest Ecohotel in MontezumaThe owner loves to have personal contact with her guests, so it is not like coming to a hotel, it is like coming home. And just like home, this bed and breakfast offers rich and delicious food: for example, homemade bread with different spreads, every kind of egg dishes and crepes.

It is very important to mention that Amor de Mar is also active in supporting many community projects such as the recycling center, the children’s orchestra, the local schools, and improvement of local infrastructure in Montezuma.

Are you looking for relaxation, well-being, good atmosphere and nature at your doorstep? Then book a room or villa in Amor de Mar, because it will be a stay you will not forget.