Guanacaste Agricultural Sector Receives Virtual Training From the INA

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    Guanacaste Agricultural Sector Receives Virtual Training From the INA

    “Hydroponic Management of the Vegetable Garden”, “Management of Horticultural Production in a Protected Environment”, “Strategies for the Use of Slurry in Dairy Cattle”, “Environment of a Profile in an Agricultural Project”, “Pruning in Forest Plantations”, are some of the topics developed by INA teachers, through virtual technical consultancies, to meet training requests for the Guanacaste agricultural sector.

    In a complementary way, the INA Chorotega Regional Unit has promoted the offer of virtual modules, such as: “Agricultural Administration” and “Formulation and Evaluation of Agricultural Projects”, as part of the INA program, in this case for support this productive sector that has been affected by the Pandemic.

    For teachers and participants, taking on this training proposal was a challenge, since before the health emergency this service was offered only in person. Even the majority of producers indicated that they did not have access to and knowledge about the different information and communication technologies.

    But, at the end of the process, the result was very positive for both parties since accessible tools such as WhatsApp and email were used. Adrián and Asdrúbal Méndez, owners of the Santo Domingo farm, located in Guayabo de Bagaces, received two virtual technical assistances from Profesor Luis Rodríguez Ballestero.

    “Circumstances lead to adapt and train ourselves in the means that allow us in the midst of a Pandemic to push ahead. The advice was extremely helpful and personalized, even though virtuality takes away the wealth of receiving it directly on the farm. The professor’s advice was very correct to our productive reality and to the needs of our dairy farm”, indicated Don Adrián.

    For Profesor Luis Rodríguez Ballestero, virtual consultancies are innovative tools to support producers. “As professionals we must motivate, help and accompany people so that they feel that this is a new process for everyone, that there is no space to be afraid but rather to motivate, adapt and update ourselves”, emphasized this teacher from the Livestock Sub Sector .

    Companies interested in receiving this type of training can write to [email protected]

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