The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Paquera Fishermen Association (APEP) has remodeled a central collection area in Golfos and revamped basic equipment such as the ice machine thanks to an investment of $50,000. This project will allow local fishermen to have an appropriate location to improve the marketing of their fish and other productive initiatives in the area.

MarViva acted as an executing agency for the Beagle Project, as it’s been called, and has been in charge of organizing the construction, remodelling and equipment to benefit APEP.

The project also strengthens the Marine Area for Responsible Fisheries Paquera by inserting responsibly sourced fish products in the value chain, so that different markets are promoted.

“This event is very significant for fishermen and especially for beneficiaries who now have these facilities to offer their clients fresh, quality product conditions,” said Francisco Pizarro, Golfo Project Coordinator of the MarViva Foundation.

“Coastal communities have high poverty rates and difficulty in attaining credit to enable them to finance such initiatives. The Beagle Project seeks economic and social development. To give continuity to this initiative, MarViva works with other institutions like the IMAS, the Incopesca, the Coast Guard and private enterprises,” said Jorge Jimenez, CEO of MarViva.

This is one of 14 projects in the Multipurpose Marine Areas (Amum)  in Nicoya Gulf and South Pacific being financed through the Beagle Project for which a total of 188 million colones will go through various associative groups related to fishing, tourism and aquaculture. (Crhoy)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica