Girl Who Lost Her Leg in an Accident Jumps 1kilometer a Day to Get to School

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    A disabled girl from India went viral for her effort to study; she jumps 1 kilometer to get to school. This is Seema, 10 years old, who lost one of her limbs in a traffic accident 2 years ago.

    Despite having no shoes or crutches, she hops down a dirt road from her home in suburban Jamui to her school. According to information from the India Times, Seema wants to be a teacher, teaching other girls in her village and encouraging them to continue studying.

    A video of her journey went viral on social networks, reaching Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who donated a prosthetics to her: “Now you will go to school not jumping on one leg, but on both legs”,she wrote in her Twitter.

    The Bihar State Magistrate visited Seema’s family, giving them a tricycle to make it easier for them getting to school.

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