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    In life, the most important decisions are taken with much care. In a country, some problems should be addressed the same way, otherwise, they will be harder to solve if no action is taken at the right time. Solutions won’t come out of the blue; the most difficult issues should always be a priority. Our country has a long list of unsolved problems that are stealthily affecting the development and productivity. Some of them are:

    Invalidity, old age, and death under the special social security: this program should be modified to make sure that many people benefit from it in the future. However, this plan hasn’t been in the discussions agenda of the current parliament.

    The towers in Irazu volcano: the authorities should relocate the telecommunication towers built in the volcano. Last year, the National Emergency Commission, the Volcano Observatory and the Geology School warned that the location of the towers would be interrupting the proper functioning of the communication and telecommunication system in Costa Rica. Therefore, it is necessary to take preventive action before it is too late.

    Telecommunication infrastructure: it is well-known that we are now living in a digital world where everybody is connected. We know that smartphones, the cloud, and artificial intelligence are gaining popularity among people. However, Costa Rica hasn’t developed an appropriate telecommunication structure yet. It’s not easy but it’s paramount to incorporate new technologies to enhance the telecommunication system that involves radio transmission and TV broadcasting. Telecommunication regulations need changes as well since they have become obsolete with the passage of time. In layman’s terms, regulation laws should be upgraded according to technology.

    Internet connection quality, fixed and wireless broadband system and fiber – optics network: teleworking is dominating the local job market because of the traffic situation in the country. For this reason, the specialists recommend getting a more efficient Internet connection system if the streets and roads are always congested.

    Minimization of paperwork: If paperwork procedures are minimized, employment rate will increase, and small and big companies will develop and grow faster. Also, they should be standardized to reduce unreliability.

    According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 published by the World Economic Forum, Costa Rica occupies the 126th position in the rank of the 138 countries with excessive government regulation. Concerning bureaucracy, it is ranked 108th in the world and holds the 106th position in time invested and productivity. Costa Rica is the 125th in the Doing Business rank of the nations with the best conditions to start a business. Laws, regulations and red tape shouldn’t be viewed as the only solutions for the local problems related to economic and communication development, according to a renowned Costa Rican journalist.

    Some specialists affirm that those issues have been disregarded by the government for a long time because they are not considered important factors that can impact negatively on the Costa Rican society.

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