Festival de la Luna, Second Edition, Presents: Ariellah in Costa Rica, May 4th, 2019

Myths and legends

Mindful Drills

Luna Festival

Let us take a deep breath, gather ourselves, connect to our well within…and with these fresh eyes, practice more deeply and with more awareness. Work with grounding techniques, mind-body awareness exercises, a focused eye, and more inward understanding, in order to approach your dance pieces and your dance practice with more awareness, commitment, and authenticity. In this workshop, you will take a more mindful approach to your dance practice. Your work will consist of mindfulness, conditioning, strengthening, stretching, drills, and combos. This workshop is excellent for any dancer who wants to take their training to the next level!


Ariellah in Costa Rica

Within each of us is both light and shadow…let us play, dance and get to know both sides of ourselves in this original Ariellah choreography…

Cost: $200 All include ( 2 workshops, transportation SJ- Marañon, Marañon- anphytheatre -SJ, and lunch and coffee)
$120 one workshop only

Location: Hotel Marañon
Show el Plano Oscuro.
In our shows, we always give a piece of our country Costa Rica.
In this one, we recreate with tribal belly dance coreografías the different urban horror histories. ( la següa, el cadejos, La Llorona, etc)
Gothic show with a superstar belly dancer. The gothic queen Ariellah
Sold out

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