“Farm from A Box”, an Off-Grid Food Production System

    Community Sustained Agriculture

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    An off-grid food production system, housed within a shipping container.

    Everything you need for a 2-acre farm in a shipping container. If you have a plot of land, this kit would be everything that you need to get yourself started, with the exception of seeds. It has off grid 3KW solar power system, a water system with a solar powered pump and drip irrigation system, and wi-fi connectivity for remote monitoring. A farm kit for governments, NGOs, schools, and individuals. Reference Farm From a Box.

    About Farm from a Box

    The need to provide a sustainable food supply both domestically and globally is significant and riddled with challenges. From dwindling natural resources to a lack of infrastructure that can support reliable crop growth, we need to provide communities with the tools to grow their own food locally and earn a livelihood.

    In response, they developed a comprehensive solution that acts as the “Swiss-Army knife” of sustainable farming; a single, deliverable unit that contains all of the core components needed for a 2-acre farm. Powered by renewable energy, Farm from a Box is ideal for any application that requires a comprehensive system that enables sustained local food production, without the need for an existing grid.

    Building Local Food Economies.

    Using regenerative agriculture techniques with precision farming technology, they have developed the most efficient and easy mechanism for starting and maintaining a planted farm. Using regenerative farming practices to grow seasonal, regionally appropriate food.

    A turnkey farm kit, Farm from a Box is ideal for a variety of uses:

    • Community Sustained Agriculture initiatives (CSAs)
    • Food and science education in schools
    • Addressing the nutritional needs of urban food deserts
    • Farm-to-table food for employees, restaurants, and businesses
    • Support not-for-profit organizations
    • Turn unproductive land into a farming enterprise
    • Custom Tailored with Tools, Technology, and Training

    Every Farm from a Box unit can be customized with optional components including sensors, water purification units, and even remote monitoring technology.

    Included in the system is a 3-part training program:

    • Sustainable Farming Practices
    • Technology Use and Maintenance
    • Farming as an Enterprise

    Each system can be tailored to fit the needs of the end user, available resources, and local climatic conditions. Every unit comes equipped with a renewable power system, internet connectivity, basic farm tools, micro-drip irrigation system and water pump that can be adapted to fit either a ground well or municipal water supply.

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