Expedition Truck 4X4 Cleans Beaches in Central America

    Mareblu works with volunteers cleaning beaches and places of difficult access

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    The Mareblu Environmental Conservation Organization debuts the first 4×4 expedition truck for cleaning the coasts and beaches of Central America. The Isuzu for the MX1 project will make it possible to streamline the work of collecting waste and plastics in areas that are difficult to access.

    In Costa Rica, about 400 to 600 tons are thrown into our oceans

    “We carry out cleaning expeditions in places that are difficult to access, due to this we saw the need to look for a transportation alternative that would adapt to our needs and help us multiply our results more efficiently. Two years ago, when the MX1 project began, we opted for the Isuzu brand, since it is a benchmark in heavy-duty vehicles, and we designed a hybrid bodywork that would allow us to enter the most complicated roads, carrying our group of volunteers and all the necessary equipment, as well as the shipment of marine waste that we collect on each expedition for due process,” said Gerónimo Ciuti, founder of Mareblu.

    The Isuzu vehicle is a 7-passenger Double Cabin NPS, adapted with a bodywork to collect waste from beaches and rivers. It is the first truck in Central America with this concept and we are sure that it will be a great boost to reach more areas of the country that need it, said Keneth Pérez, Isuzu Marketing Manager.

    For her part, Jazmín Durán, from Grupo Q, added that “providing a free maintenance service to a vehicle dedicated to cleaning the beaches of our country is truly an honor for Autopits, since it makes us part of a project as important as this one that contributes with the protection of the environment”.

    Plastic collection

    “In times when everything is ephemeral, plastic is forever and that’s how it stays in our seas, affecting the ecosystem,” says Ciuti, founder of Mareblu, which currently has a network of international volunteers, with whom the expeditions are carried out 24/7, national volunteers on certain dates of the year, corporate cleanings and the constant support of private companies.

    “For us it is very important to be able to create agents of change through education and awareness, it is urgent that we all assume responsible consumption to take care of our environment,” said Ciuti.

    In addition to cleaning expeditions as the main activity of Mareblu, it is also part of regenerative actions such as the construction of artificial reefs in wetlands, planting trees, supporting the turtle project, and this year the Environmental Sustainability Advisory for companies will also begin. With MX1, the Mareblu Organization aims to extend its coverage area to the entire country, for which it is seeking more support from the government and private companies to achieve it.

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