Exciting New Attractions In the Osa

    New attractions in the Osa Peninsula

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    Abelardo Canelo
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    With 2016 coming to a close and 2017 crashing into our lives it is hard to keep track of where the time went. Trying to keep up with a hectic, rushed lifestyle is hard sometimes, and we all need to get away from it now and again. Therefore coming to the Osa is the perfect escape. Here we have two new attractions for the 2017/2018 year.


    Firstly we will look at the Golfito Marina. Investors from North America have an interest in more tourists and visitors to the Osa/Golfito area. They have invested a total of  800 million Colones (around $1,454,536.00 USD). The expanse of beauty in the area provides an excellent base for the projects here.  Projecting off of this beauty they have built the marina to coexist with the natural environment. Featured in this plan is a dock for 50 boats/yachts, Fuel Pier, shopping complex, restaurants, hotel, villas, parks, and boardwalk.

    This is a prime location for a Marina, not only having great views, mountains surround the area as a protection from the wind and inclement weather. Straight across from the marina is Golfo Dulce, and  Puerto Jimenez the main access point to the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park.

    This project is set to be finished in January 2017 and will have two more additional stages. The second stage will feature 82 docking ports with a restaurant on an island. The third stage will finish the port in 2020.

    There is lots of anticipation for the project to be finished so tourists and locals can take advantage of the exciting new Marina Complex.

    Be sure to check out the Video for the new Marina.



    The Botanika resort is priding itself on sustainability and friendliness to the environment.  Local Biologists and forestry specialist are working along with the project to have the best outcome for the environment.

    Botanika resort will be located on the former Crocodile Bay Resort.  At Botanika you will be able to enjoy many fun activities.  Including tours for sea turtle rescue, jungle night walks, surfing, snorkeling, gold panning, whale watching, and sports fishing.  This resort is said to embrace the jungle experience, giving the full spectrum of activities driven toward families.  Indeed, a world class resort will be coming to the Osa.

    Within the Botanika will be four main buildings, and open interior courtyard.  The rooms will consist of full kitchen and bathroom and at the top of buildings will be a star or birdwatch lookout area.  The resort will be styled to look rustic and still have an immaculate feel.  Also outside there will be a swimming and bar area and the fitness center.

    Botanika is also offering residences for sale featuring a limited number of luxury studios.  Availability includes one-, two- and three- bedroom Rainforest Residences and outstanding amenities including the legendary Crocodile Bay Marina.

    So whatever you end up doing this coming year be sure to check out the new attractions the Osa region has to offer.  Only you have the power to see what truly happens in the Osa Peninsula, you can also visit for more info on the Osa Peninsula.

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