English Family Decided To Quarantine In Costa Rica

English Family Decided To Quarantine In Costa Rica

Mandatory confinement has seemed a punishment to many, but for the Johnson family from England it has been a dream quarantine in Costa Rica, before returning to their country. This english family remembers every moment in the country.

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According to Alex Johnson, this family intended to stay in Costa Rica for only 3 weeks, but with the closure of the borders and the conditions the world is experiencing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they changed their minds and extended their stay. Specifically in Santa Teresa de Cóbano, abiding by all the sanitary measures taken by the Costa Rican authorities.

Alex Johnson from England relates “We really love being here, if only the beaches were open for exercise and surfing we would even consider staying much longer.” Alex is an osteopath and naturopath. He has been on Costa Rican soil since March 11th, in the company of his wife Jasmine and their daughters, Kyle 7 years old and Zennah  4 years old.

Enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility that Costa Rica offers is one of the best benefits that the english family points out for their prolonged stay. “People smile and the sun is always bright. Here we enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand, the tropical fruits and the Pura Vida lifestyle that has always tempted us.

We came for a 3 week break, but our flight was canceled due to this crisis. Then we decided to extend our stay expecting a direct flight home or repatriation flight, but in these difficult times we have been very impressed enjoying the friendliness of the local people”, said Alex Johnson.

Johnson also states, “The girl`s schools are closed, we had nothing to run home to, likewise I feel safe and comfortable here. In addition the warm weather ended up convincing us to extend our stay.”

Before the quarantine began in Costa Rica, the Johnson english family had the opportunity to visit Playa Hermosa and Nosora in Guanacaste. It is worth mentioning that they have been in Santa Teresa for more than a month.

For the Johnson english family the sunsets in Costa Rica are fabulous and each afternoon they gather around the pool to observe the incredible colors of the sky. In addition to its excellent climate, Costa Rica abounds in tropical fruits, which is very important to them since they are vegan. They say, “We came to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with abundant tropical fruits and we can do it right now, our daughters can play barefoot.”

The routine of this tourist family begins at 5:30 am with yoga and exercises, then they spend time in the education of their daughters, then they enjoy the pool, until the afternoon comes where they prepare healthy and vegan food made with indigenous local ingredients.

Costa Rica is a country that has many natural attractions to be enjoyed and discovered by tourists from all around the world. That is why we invite you to come and visit us, once the COVID-19 pandemic passes. Here we will wait for you with open arms.

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