End of the year travel is hitting its peak

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    busBy TCRN Staff

    Thousands of Costa Ricans and foreign tourists continue to arrive at bus stations in San Jose to take the final week of the year and go for a vacation or to visit relatives and to compensate, the bus companies have increased the number of buses in their routes.

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    Henri Pescod, Caribbean Transport manager, said that the company is working with 90 buses -20 more than usual, to handle the increased need for daily service between San Jose and Limon province.

    Pescod said that from next Friday through Monday will be the days of the heaviest load, as vacationers begin returning en masse to the Greater Metropolitan Area.

    But not all travelers come from the Central Valley. There are also many that cross the entire country.

    This is the case of Carlos Chavarria, who lives in Sixaola but traveled yesterday to Santa Cruz in Guanacaste to see his mother.

    He left home at 6 am and expected to be in the their before sunset. Chavarria Sixaola left his wife and son, and said his salary as a day laborer is insufficient to carry them all.

    An American Andres Gomez, a native of Washington DC, traveled with his wife yesterday to Cahuita, Limón and commented that he was pleased with “the comfort and good services” of the Caribbean bus station in San Jose.

    Due to the increased traffic load on the busing system during this time of year, it is a good idea to purchase your ticket several day to a week in advance.

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