How to Eat Healthy but Without Excessive Restrictions

    When Preparing A Meal, You Do Not Have to Let Flavor Go

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    We know that everything at the beginning is a bit difficult. And more when we talk about food because human beings like to eat everything according to only food tastes.

    But you must recognize that to obtain a healthy life, there must be a day to day habit of good eating since this brings us excellent benefits, it helps maintain our ideal or desired weight, and can also reduce cholesterol and prevent other health conditions.

    We must eat fruits and vegetables daily

    In general, an excellent diet keeps the body operational every day, so remember that the decisions you make about what to eat are absolutely your responsibility. You must be aware that, if you want to make a good meal, it should include vegetables, fruits, and cereals in a balanced nutritional way.

    Take into account that, according to our age, the caloric needs are different, regarding to our gender and level of activity.

    What foods should we consume in our daily diet?

    Grains and Cereals are products that within the list of foods to consume are one of the most recommended for their properties. You can see them in different presentations such as whole grain bread, whole wheat flour, granola, etc., remember that whole grains and cereals are high in fiber content and also contain complex carbohydrates that help you to feel satisfied longer and thus avoid that you eat in excess.

    Keep in mind that canned products that you buy in the supermarket even if they are grains and cereals do not have the same nutrients.

    What are the foods that we should not eat?

    We often think that deciding to stop eating junk food; we also must put aside sweets such as donuts or muffins, since these foods contain calories composed of more than 50% fat.

    Temptations will always be close to you

    It is okay to consume sweets from time to time you just have to keep in mind that when consuming any food product outside your diet try to mentally program yourself as to space them out the farthest apart possible.

    What other kinds of foods can benefit our body?

    It should be noted that fruits and vegetables are essential foods in your diet, since they are low in fat, and provide flavor and variety when making different meals, they are also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

    The only thing we should avoid is to add fats to these foods such as butter or mayonnaise. Instead, you can replace it with yogurt and healthy cooking oils. In this case, we recommend olive oil due to its high content of beneficial properties for your. Also, your dressings can be with herbs for the good seasoning of your meals.

    It is important to learn about healthy food since childhood

    Among the products that our daily consumption should include are the proteins, they are basic substances for our body, for example, meats such as beef, pork, veal, and lamb.

    You should try as much as possible to remove all the excess fat before eating them, you can season with herbs, spices, or marinate them with a low sodium content flavorant. It is also up to you whether to bake, roast or grill it. The most important thing is that you eat in an exquisite, healthy, and easy-to-prepare way.

    What you should try is to avoid the most possible are dressings with sauces and other thick substances that adhere to meats with much fat content.

    With respect to another type of meat that we should consume for the benefit of our health is poultry, specifically chicken, in all its presentations, that which best combines with a healthy diet is the breast, it is an excellent option to add to our diets, since it contains many proteins and is low in fat.

    Whether duck or goose, eating any of them from time to time is beneficial for our health, although it has somewhat high levels of fat. What you should do to prepare it is to remove the skin and fat that is visible before cooking. Like other meats, it can be baked or grilled. As we mentioned earlier, you can sauté them with spices or aromatic herbs that give a good flavor and seasoning to these kinds of meals.

    Fish is an excellent choice for diets

    Fish and other varieties of seafood should always be a part of our balanced diet. In most cases, shellfish have many healthy polyunsaturated fats like Omega 3 and fatty acids.

    With regard to cold water salmon and trout, they are good fish for consumption within a wholesome diet. To prepare this food, you can boil, steam, bake, roast, or grill them.

    To sum up what we have recommended in this article, you must eat low fat foods, aside from little salt and sugar because of the damage they can cause to your body. But remember not to bind yourself to an ultra restrictive diet.

    Instead, what you should do is to always keep in mind that the excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates is harmful. That is why you must regularly eat healthy foods in your day-to-day routine.

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