Dry Season Vacations Promise Adventure, Culture, and Great Weather

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – Costa Rica is the perfect destination for Americans in search for a place to escape the snowy, freezing temperatures of the winter. The dry season in the country starts around November, close to the Thanksgiving holidays (a perfect opportunity to avoid Black Friday) and lasts until late April, so it includes the Spring Break.

    During the winter holidays Costa Rica hosts its highest number of visitors during the year. Being close to the US (and in friendly relations with the country), it makes a good place to visit during holidays, during school breaks and vacations for the entire family. The winter holidays are the highest tourist season in Costa Rica, so if you plan to escape the snowy winter for Christmas, it’s best to plan early. All major tourists destinations are usually crowded around Christmas, but Costa Rica has a great variety of tourist destinations to visit, so it doesn’t matter where in the country you are, you will find things to visit and do close by.

    December is a special month in Costa Rica. It marks the end of the four-month long rainy season, and also the start of a long awaited school break for local children. Costa Ricans are said to love to celebrate, so many of them take vacations around this time of the year, in preparation for the three major parades in December: El Carnival, which involves costumes, dancing and music, El Tope, which involves showy horses, beautiful carriages and the famous, hand-painted cards, and El Destile de Luces, a nighttime parade with thousands of beautiful Christmas lights.

    The San Jose Tope is the most famous of them all – it is a grand parade that involves clowns, floats and marching bands as well. Last year’s Tope Nacional involved more than 5,000 horseback riders, taking over the main streets of San Jose, and was seen by over 600,000 people.

    Costa Rica has many options for accommodation for every budget. Visitors can find both luxury venues with everything they might imagine, but also affordable rooms in hotels and lodge houses all over the country – maybe less luxurious, but they don’t lack the basics (like the internet connection, so you won’t have to refrain from visiting whenever you want).

    Costa Rica remains one of the best places Americans can escape to from the cold of the winter and the stress of the winter holidays. What are you waiting for?

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

    San Jose, Costa Rica

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