Caribbean Mega Port Will Utilize Solar, Wind, and Tidal Systems to Generate Power

The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The new ocean terminal in Moin, Limon will operate on clean energy through solar panels, wind turbines and tidal leverage power systems.

Communication manager for the firm APM Terminals, Rogelio Douglas, said construction for the first phase of the terminal will begin next January 19 and once the second phase is reached they will install solar panels in administrative buildings to ensure a renewable energy supply for operations.

The first phase of the project will take three years and eight months to complete. During this time, they will conduct studies to determine how to best implement other green energy systems in the mega port.

Douglas said the Dutch company values ​​the installation of wind turbines to harness wind in the area and generate energy. They also plant to implement a tidal hydropower system to generate electricity from the rise and fall of the ocean, as the company has done in other international ports.

The new port will triple the number of containers entering the country through the Caribbean each year. Currently, Costa Rica receives 830,000 containers per year. The mega port will have the ability to load and unload 2.5 million containers annually. (Amelia Rueda)

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose, Costa Rica