The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – John Densmore, who was drummer forDrummer of The Doors Calls for Environmental Sustainability in Costa Rica The Doors, speaks out about sustainability as a daily priority to prevent destruction to nature and to the planet.

“If you start thinking in a sustainable way, Mother Nature will take leave of us,” Densmore said in a statement, where he participated in a forum on sustainable tourism development called Peace People and Planet (P3).

“I say the Earth is like a woman and has she rashes sometimes called cities. Occasionally scratches and that’s when we have a hurricane or an earthquake,” said the musician, “If cities become more sustainable, it (the Earth) may only put a cream and not have to scratch much.”

Densmore is not part of the group of guests who will speak at the conference, but he will read the poetry of Umberto Akabal, a Guatemalan poet who writes about the Earth. He will also perform in a musical presentation next Wednesday, which marks the end of the forum.

“I’ll talk a little about ecology, but I do it from a point of view art and music, so I hope to get to the heart of the people,” he added.

In 2001 Densmore was arrested in a suburb of Chicago, USA when he was a part of a peaceful protest organized by the Action Network Rainforests (RAN for its acronym in English) and is known to help donate to causes and organizations defending nature.

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)

San Jose Costa Rica


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