Drinking Water Shortages in San Jose

    Residents using drinking water to clean up after Turrialba eruptions

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    The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers, AyA, has asked residents of the greater metropolitan area of San Jose not to use their drinking water to clean up the debris which has resulted from the recent Turriabla volcanic eruptions.

    The Turrialba volcano is only 70 kilometers away from the capital city of San Jose, and it has been erupting over the past few weeks.  These eruptions are spewing tonnages of ash into the air, which is then carried by the winds to the surrounding areas.  This has affected the nearby wildlife, the farming in that region, and now the drinking water situation in San Jose.

    Residents of San Jose have been using drinking water to clean and remove the ash accumulating on sidewalks, homes, and vehicles.  This usage has left thousands of homes in the Greater Metropolitan Area with water shortages.

    AyA reports that the water treatment plants are equipped to treat the volcanic ash and other contaminants, so there is no risk of contaminated water.  “The National Water Laboratory makes a constant effort to ensure the quality of drinking water,” said the institution.  It is recommended that residents collect the ash deposits manually using other tools, and discontinue using the valuable drinking water for this purpose.

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