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    7 Ways to Get Healthier in 2020

    It’s the New Year and healthy changes are abound in our resolutions. How to get healthier can feel overwhelming

    Fifco Aspires to Be the First “Positive Water” Company in Costa Rica

    Florida Ice and Farm Company (Fifco), through its Florida Bebidas division, became the 1st company to be "Neutral Water" in Central America in 2012,...

    Costa Rica: A Country with a Lot of Water

    Costa Rica is a country that stands out among the others for many and different reasons. For instance, it is one of the 1st...
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    Slovenia Protects The Right To Drinking Water Into Their Constitution

    Even though U.S. President-elect Trump appears to be taking the States on an environmental backslide, other countries are stepping up to protect their own...

    Drinking Water Shortages in San Jose

    The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers, AyA, has asked residents of the greater metropolitan area of San Jose not to use their...

    Tourism in Guanacaste revived with hotels and air traffic

    By using extensions, renovations, and even environmental projects, hotels keep the tourism in Guanacaste flowing. This is coupled with the high flow of passengers...
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