Drinking Coffee Reduces the Risk of Premature Death

    It Makes You 12% Less Likely to Die Prematurely

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    According to a couple of studies, drinking coffee can prevent heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and even respiratory or liver ailments. The consumption of about 3 cups of coffee per day can have beneficial effects for health since it is associated with a lower risk of death.

    According to the studies, coffee has some benefitial effects on health.
    Coffee cup and coffee grains

    Researchers at the British International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and Imperial College London, noted that consuming coffee is often “associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, especially circulatory and digestive tract diseases”.

    The leading author of the 1st study, Marc Gunter of IARC, indicated that due to the limitations of the research they are not yet “in a position to recommend people to drink more or less coffee”, although the results “suggest that moderate consumption (about 3 cups a day) is not harmful to health”.

    Coffee, which is estimated to be consumed by around 2,250 million cups a day worldwide, contains substances that can interact with the body such as caffeine and antioxidants, the amount of which can vary according to how it is prepared. The data correspond to the largest study conducted on the effects of coffee in the European population, where both consumption and preparation vary.

    The experts analyzed data in 10 countries of 521,330 people over 35 years old and, after 16 years of follow-up, almost 42,000 people had died due to all types of diseases, including cancer, circulatory problems, and cardiac failure.

    The scientists studied this by making appropriate adjustments with factors such as diet or smoking and concluded that the group that consumed more coffee had a lower risk of death compared to those who did not. However, the issue of with or without caffeine is not easy to differentiate, since they could not exclude that decaffeinated drinkers had consumed coffee with caffeine at different periods of their lives.

    The 2nd study, from the University of Southern California, in the United States, also concluded that drinking coffee would reduce the risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory or liver ailments in African-Americans, as well as Japanese- Americans, Latinos, and Caucasian Whites”. According to this research, people who consumed 1 cup of coffee a day were 12% less likely to die compared to those who did not consume it, an association that was even stronger for those who drank 2 or 3 cups “.

    Drinking coffee is so common while doing any activity.
    Drinking a good cup of coffee

    The director of the study, Veronia Setiawan, said in a statement that lower mortality occurs “regardless of whether people drink normal or decaffeinated coffee, which suggests that this association is not linked to caffeine. life, but we see that there is a certain relationship”.

    We all need antioxidants to prevent molecules, which fulfill important functions in the body from oxidizing because when this happens, heart diseases or cancer begin to develop. By taking a cup of coffee a day, you will be supplying the body with a good dose of antioxidants and the results will be even better if you intend to consume fruits, vegetables, and meats, to optimize your health.

    A recent study analyzed more than 400 thousand people between 50 and 71 years of age. The results they found were amazing. Those people who have more than 10 years consuming one or several cups of coffee a day showed a 15% lower risk of contracting diseases, compared with those who do not consume coffee frequently.

    This showed that coffee drinkers have less risk of suffering from infections, respiratory problems, diabetes, and heart attacks. It was also found to be good for preventing other diseases that abound today such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, problems with the liver and even help you get rid of depression. So that you can enjoy the multiple benefits that coffee provides, it is recommended that you drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, more than that it would be considered an excess.

    Just 1 cup of coffee?

    DO NOT CONSUME IT IN EXCESS! As always, you should have moderation with all the foods you consume, because as well as they present many advantages for the organism it can also present disadvantages when abusing their consumption. Some people suffer from insomnia when they consume coffee close to bedtime, so you should avoid it at all costs. If you consume it in excess you could suffer from constipation, increased cholesterol levels, begin to retain fluids in the body, and is able to make your energy levels rise to the point of being nervous or hyperactive for hours.

    Since you do not suffer these side effects, you can start to test if feeling good with a cup of coffee in the morning, to start the day with energy. Or maybe you can have another cup of coffee after lunch. But if you feel that you do not like coffee any longer, you could replace it with a cup of green tea, or any tea of your choice, which will give you more energy, apart from being healthier.

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