Heart Failure: A More Lethal Disease Than Cancer

Men aged 65 or older are more prone to heart attacks

Although it is considered less dangerous than cancer, cardiac failure is practically an unknown condition for everybody and old men are the most vulnerable.

Cardiologist Maria Mercedes Resk pointed out that it is a condition that affects the entire body but especially the heart making it unable to pump enough blood, which leads to a weakening and lethal health condition.

“This health problem causes many more deaths than the most common types of cancer, even though cancer tends to be a more feared disease. If we talk about cancer, 80% of women survive after an early diagnose, however half the population with heart failure die 5 years after the first heart attack. If we compare this problem with prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer in men, 90% of men with cancer are still alive while 50% of them die of a heart failure eventually” – said the specialist.

Chronic heart failure

This disease can be classed as acute and chronic. Acute failure pops up suddenly. The person starts feeling sick, experiences blurred vision, trouble breathing, liquid retention, arrythmia and fast heart beating.

According to Dr. Resk, these symptoms are common in people who sufffer from cardiovascular or heart disease and hypertension. Heart diseases are the leading cause to death in the world. Nonetheless, this health issue can be treated if we take prevention measures.

Heart failure is common in women age 45 to 50 years, especially when menopause begins. It is estimated that this disease has impacted around 60 million people around the world. One of 5 persons will have it and only one of them will seek medical aid after 4 or 5 weeks following the first warning signs.

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