Do You Know Well What You Eat?

    As the old saying goes: “you are what you eat”

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    Food is more than what we consume, therefore we must know everything that is behind the harvest or when to serve it on your plate. By being interested in knowing what we eat, we are both loving and respecting food.

    According to studies, around the world 14 percent of the food we produce is lost between harvest and sale. There are two options: One in how food is distributed to us and another in how we consume it, it is in our hands to know what we are facing so that our body responds in a good way.

    Food is part of who we are. It is part of our habits and cultures

    To be more aware, you must guide yourself, in that it is necessary to know where the food you eat comes from, support for producers is always positive, fresh food from the best farmers in the area have a lot to offer. Remember that it is always, absolutely always, important that you adopt a healthier diet and more than that you must maintain yourself healthy in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Know what is behind what you consume
    Read and watch the video carefully

    -Did you know that chemically processed cheese is difficult to melt?
    -Rice is sometimes mixed with pieces of plastic to increase the manufacturer’s profits.
    -Baby food plus a magnet, turns into ground rocks, advertised in fortified calcium.
    -When baking vitamins you will notice that those with synthetic supplements are burned, those with natural supplements do not. (It is here that we learn about truly sustainable and organic products).
    -In the meat, what is appreciated is not fat, it is actually glue to join the remains of unused meat.
    -Regarding the ice cream together with the lemon, if it bubbles, it is because it contains powdered detergent, as you read it, simply to give it shine and luminosity.

    -If we add milk plus seaweed, being natural it will keep its white color, if it is not milk, but rice water, it will change its color to a blue tone.
    -Add oil plus water and then wet a piece of cotton, when passing it in a potato and see that it loses its color, it is because old products are often dyed to make them look fresh.
    -Fake salt contains chalk and makes the water cloudy, whereas pure salt dissolves in the water.
    -In the case of green peas, they are added to a boll with water, and you will notice that the old ones can be covered in green ink, quite a disguise.
    -In the case of spices: If we add a little to a spoon and light a candle, when you bring the flame closer you will notice that if the spoon is lit with spices it is that they are pure, if not, then they are impure.
    -Honey plus fire, if the honey is pure it will not put out the fire and if it is not, it will.
    -When adding sugar to some melted butter: If the butter contains oil it will turn pink.

    Now you can see what they don’t tell you! But here in TCRN we do, and with details. So be careful, food is much more than meets the eye!

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