Discover Costa Rica, the Favorite Country of Visitors to Central America

    Beauty on all four sides and the naivety of its people make us a source of Pure Life

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    It is so beautiful, I would not change my Costa Rica for anything because giving up my beloved land is like giving up life. I thank my good father for being born in this land where war is never pursued, I feel full of peace” We begin these lines with the emotional fragment of the poem: “My beloved Costa Rica”, belonging to Mauricio Cruz Aguirres from poems of the soul.

    Without a doubt, Costa Rica has always stood out in the world for various factors. We will state here many of them where we will also pay tribute to our land of grace. Our country is a paradise of natural treasures. In Costa Rica, there is “Pure Life“! This country of Central America took the lead before others in the region to become the best country for tourists to visit.

    In research conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) its competitive Travel and Tourism report determined that Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest countries in the world. It has 5% of the planet’s species, among lush tropical forests that cover the cities of the country.

    Many of them provide the visitors’ favorite natural scenery, the attributes stand out for having the special enclosures for relaxation and adventure. In addition to having the most impressive cultural settings, they also have excellent gastronomy. All this while ensuring the safety of visitors at all times.

    World Heritage Sites

    Our country has 5 sites that are World Heritage sites certified by Unesco which are:

    La Amistad International Park, Isla De Coco National Park, Guanacaste Conservation Area, The Tradition of “Boyeo” (oxen) carts and Pre-Columbian settlements with spheres of Piedra del Diquís.

    In recent years Costa Rica has become the favorite of tourists who travel its territory, which extends from the Pacific to the Caribbean Sea to offer unique experiences. Nature, vibrant cities, and the best accommodations are part of our beloved land. Costa Rica follows the saying “Pura Vida”, which represents “Pure Life”, it is a way of being that most feel in Costa Rica. This feeling inspires us and moves us to make changes for the well-being and satisfaction of this land.

    Resonance Costa Rica
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