Deputies Seek to Ease Vehicle Restriction to Promote Tourism on Weekends

The National Assembly is working on a plan seeking that the sanitary vehicle restriction does not apply during holidays, with the aim that people can move to tourist places and help reactivate this sector.

The proposal was presented by Deputy Roberto Thompson, of the National Liberation Party (PLN), the deputy states that long weekends can be used by families for national tourism. In this way, the driver is not required to have a hotel reservation to be part of the vehicle restriction exception.

“The purpose of establishing long weekends to reach out to so many economically affected is truncated by the illogical application of the vehicle restriction that condemns thousands not to be able to enjoy these days,” he said.

“We must guarantee as legislators that the consequences on the economy in the tourism sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic are overcome in the shortest possible time, this reactivation must be accompanied by national strategies to encourage both nationals and foreigners to visit tourist areas again and get the sector out of the serious crisis it is in,” added the deputy.

Long weekends

On the previous July 16th, the Law was signed that moves the national holidays between 2020 and 2024 to Monday, to promote national tourism. According to Thompson, this should be taken advantage of without limitations by the citizenry. It is precisely the deputy who had promoted this modification on holidays. Thompson justified that he previously presented this initiative due to the economic losses of the tourism sector.

“For this reason, I promoted the project until it was approved as a Law of the Republic, however, this Law No. 9875 will not generate the desired earnings for the tourism sector, if the vehicle restriction is maintained for the days in which Monday`s are,” he stated.

The tourism sector has losses of $ 2 billion as a result of the pandemic, which produces a decrease by half compared to the revenues of 2019, when they reported $ 4 billion, according to data recorded in the bill.

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