Deaths from COVID-19 in Costa Rica Reach their Lowest Level in 7 Months

    A positive news for the country’s total recovery

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    The fall in COVID-19 infections that Costa Rica has sustained since the beginning of 2021 was positively translated into other indicators. In addition to easing pressure on the hospital system, deaths associated with the Pandemic fell back to the pre-July level.

    As of last week, there were 173 victims during the month. It also stands out that only 3 days registered more than 10 deaths. In contrast, October appears, the month with the most deaths related to COVID-19 for a total of 481.

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    Although the first deaths were more sporadic, since July 8th the country has registered at least one daily victim associated with the Pandemic. October 15th appears as the worst day: 25 people lost their lives on that day.

    Majority are male and elderly

    Regarding the profile of the victims, this is still clear: the male sex and the elderly bear the worst part. Of the 2,800 victims to date, 1,931 were over 65 years of age. 865 were adults and 4 were under 18 years of age.


    Geographically, mourning has been more present in the central cantons of San José (388 cases) and Alajuela (202). They are followed by Desamparados with 177 deceased neighbors and Goicoechea with 108. Almost a year after the Pandemic, Turrubares maintains its record of being the only municipality that has not lost one of its inhabitants to the disease.

    COVID-19 infections with a new rebound

    While the results of a drop in infections are reaping, the cases rebounded for the second week in a row. The country has staked a daily average close to 400 cases and this is already reflected in the virus’s reproduction rate (called R0).

    According to the Central American Population Center (CCP), the calculation reached 1, which is the recommended maximum. That means that every 100 patients are producing 100 more, which does not generate a setback in the Pandemic.

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