Currently there are Eleven MPs are Under Investigation

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    Eleven congressmen of various legislatives, have cases before the Attorney General’s Office for offenses ranging from attempted fraud, embezzlement, minor injuries, road blockage to violation of Article 279 of the Electoral Code.

    The information was confirmed by the press office of the prosecutor, who added that all cases are “open and preparatory phase.”

    The only parties that are not under scrutiny of the Public Ministry were the legislators of the Libertarian Movement (ML) and members of the evangelical caucuses Carlos Avendaño (National Restoration) and Justo Orozco (Costa Rican Renovation).

    For Orozco, prosecutors dismissed two cases against, a complaint by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) for falsification of public documents, falsification and use of falsified documents related to the processing of invoices a used to collect the debt policy and one that the prosecutor officially opened by the use of a vehicle in the legislature.

    However, the Office of Integrity and Transparency still keeps open a case against the Christian party.

    Those who do have causes in research to date are six legislators of the National Liberation Party (PLN), two Accessibility without Exclusion Party (PASE), José María Villalta of the Frente Amplio, the deputy of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) Carmen Granados and Walter Céspedes Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC).

    For Villalta, has two processes in the prosecution, one for public incitement and the other for minor injuries related to their participation in the demonstration at the situation of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) on 9 November.

    The same day, Deputy Carmen Granados climbed a patrol to prevent this advance and disperse the protesters, and charged for obstructing public roads.

    Continuing the list, in order of appearance, is the legislator Walter Cespedes, whose cases have highlighted important facts in the Legislature. A Céspedes the Attorney investigating him for possible influence peddling, after he sent an email to the Minister of the Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, where he requested process the hiring of two of his nieces.
    In the list of National Liberation (PLN), the latter cases are those of the deputies Oscar Alfaro, who is being investigated for attempted fraud and embezzlement, as well as the Deputy Alicia Fournier and legislator Antonio Calderón, who are investigated for receiving donations for PLN apparent from corporations, which is punishable under Article 128 of the Electoral Code.

    Also investigated the lawmaker Jorge Angulo, apparent extortion by the company COINJRK, Italo-school construction in southern Costa Rica.

    Fabio Molina, chief fraction of PLN, has an ongoing case of embezzlement related to his tenure as Mayor of the Municipality of Alajuela.

    The Office also investigates the legislator Victor Hugo Viquez Betis, for the alleged crime of violating Article 279 of the Electoral Code, which raises the self-determination of the voter. The law states that “A penalty of imprisonment of two to twelve months who, through gifts, promises of gifts, violence and / or threats, induce or attempt to induce a person to adhere to a candidate, to vote in certain way or to abstain from doing so. “

    Víquez said he had no idea that it was the prosecution: “I have no idea what it is, I swear.” said Viquez.

    There is also an investigation of the Legislative Assembly President Víctor Emilio Granados, for “falsification” and Rita Chaves lawmaker accused of embezzlement.

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