Thursday, November 14, 2019


Do You Know What The National Flag and Pavillion of Costa Rica Mean?

National Pavilion Day of Costa Rica is the day dedicated to honoring the flag that represents us "Ticos". A symbol that we show with great pride and respect as Costa Ricans, both inside and outside our borders since it symbolizes...

The National Symphony Orchestra: 79 Years and Still Going Strong

The National Symphony Orchestra of our country, also known as OSN, is a Costa Rican public cultural institution, attached to the National Music Center, part of the Ministry of Culture and Youth of Costa Rica. It is...

Some Tales and Legends of Fright for You to Enjoy This Halloween

Tales and legends of frights and all kinds of paranormal activities are closer than you think on Halloween, but what you cannot imagine is that many of these festive events have mostly surpassed reality and have been framed in history as strange events and in many cases very mysterious to explain

Halloween: From Ancient European Folk Tale To Worldwide Celebration

Honoring the memory of those who no longer exist on this earthly plane, that is the basis on which the celebration of Halloween was created. Different myths, legends, and customs are part of these traditions, cultures, and idiosyncrasies. Halloween is part of those traditions that began in Europe and as time went by it expanded to the United States and other countries in the Americas.

Bulk and Dairy Sales Are Trending again in Costa Rica

“I bring my little pots and they do what the product weighs on you. I thought it was time to make the change, not to use more plastic or buy in the big stores”, says Vivian Umaña.

Costa Rican Coffee: The Best in the World and Deeply Rooted In Our Culture

Costa Rican coffee is a culture with a tradition built for centuries of careful dedication to details from the selection of seeds to serving the brew on the family table. It is in almost every facet of the collective imaginary and feelings, as a way of understanding life.

How About Going Native Tico Style?

We Ticos have much to celebrate, in addition to the beauty of our landscape. As a society built by multiethnic influences, cultural activities are rich, abundant, and unique. We are known for...

Racism between Two Worlds: North America and Latin America

Culture, religion, nationality, language or customs, do not determine a race ... Many people worldwide understand it and conduct struggles to state this "truth". Many others only know how to exclude, thinking that excluding will make them...

El Guayabo: Pre-Columbian National Monument and World Heritage Engineering

The natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Guayabo National Monument is located in the region of Santa Teresita, Turrialba Cantón belonging to the province of Cartago. This natural monument was established to protect and conserve one of the...

A Deeply Rooted Religious Tradition: the Festivities in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Every year the Festivities of “Our Lady the Virgin of Guadalupe" is celebrated in Nicoya during November and December, which include different religious, cultural and even profane activities. Among these:
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Latest News

La Amistad International Park, an Immense Natural Biodiverse Habitat of Unparalleled Natural Beauty

La Amistad International Park is one of the special corners of the world with a peculiar charm...
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Costa Rica Begins Switchover From Analog To Digital TV

Nowadays television is a fact of life for billions of people. Since it was invented `the box' has become an enormous success....

Finance Tips for Animal Lovers – How to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Owning a pet is expensive. Unless your idea of a pet is a goldfish bowl, pet ownership necessitates a lot of extra spending each...

20% of Rich Households Take Half the Income of Costa Rica

20% of rich households take 50.5% of the country's total income. This is revealed by a study conducted by experts from the National University (UNA).

Barra Honda National Park and Its Impressive Cave Systems

Barra Honda National Park has a very peculiar attraction that is the great system of caves formed by erosion, which have capricious...
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