Cuban Experts Evaluate Seismic and Volcanic Events in Nicaragua

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    Cuban Experts Evaluate Seismic and Volcanic Events in Nicaragua
    Nicaragua Volcano Activity to be Investigated

    A team of experts in seismology and geophysics Cuba began an investigation to assess recent seismic and volcanic events that occurred in Nicaragua, said a representative from the specialist group.

    The Cuban delegation, headed by Armando Rodriguez Batista, will evaluate for 10 days seismic and volcanic activity on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, official media said the director of the National Seismological Research Center of Cuba, Vladimir Moreno.

    Moreno explained that the “exploratory mission”, also composed by Pablo Figueredo, responsible for radio astronomy station of Havana, made an assessment of the seismic and volcanic activity is recorded on the Pacific Coast, in coordination with scientists Nicaraguans.

    “The goal is, in these ten days, is make an exploratory study” to “contribute to an explanation of these phenomena have been observed,” said Moreno.

    Three of the giants that are part of the volcanic chain of Nicaragua, located in the “line of fire” in the Pacific, reported earlier this month with little explosions of gas and ash emissions, warming and seismic activity.

    The San Cristóbal volcano, the highest in Nicaragua, reported three explosions with emission of gas and ash on the 8th of September, which caused them to leave the area around 1,500 people, most of whom returned the same day at his home, According to official data.

    Meanwhile, Telica volcano, one of the most active of Nicaragua, recorded in that period hundreds of microearthquakes and increased its temperature without damage.

    The Telica, located about 125 kilometers west of Managua and height of 1,061 meters, recorded eruptions since 1527, though his last violent eruption was in 1948, and since then the crater emits smoke and roar.

    While Apoyeque volcano, 420 meters high, in Managua, earlier this month recorded a seismic swarm.

    Expert of Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, United States, Mexico and the Organization of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have inspected the volcanic chain of Nicaragua in recent days.


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