Costa Ricans Dream About Their “Ex-Partner” The Most

    As revealed by Google search data analysis on World Sleep Day

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    With regards to World Sleep Day on the 18th March, I wanted to send over a story I thought would be of interest – new research that reveals the most common dream in every country around the world, and interestingly it shows that Costa Rica officially dreams about ‘an ex’ the most.

    Secret Linen Store used Google search data to find out what the most commonly searched-for dream meaning was in over 180 countries across over 390 dream subjects. As dreams are often our worries or deepest thoughts emerging, a few eventful years have clearly led to more active minds during sleep, resulting in people turning to Google to find out the meaning behind their dreams.

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    Dogs and other animals

    The world is dreaming about dogs the most with it topping the list of 19 countries Snakes, cats, fish and mice also make up the most commonly dreams about animals, also being pregnant tops the list, following analysis of the types of dreams 185 different countries are regularly Googling.

    Costa Rican´s ex-partners

    Costa Rica’s most common dream is about an ex-partner, this is the 6th most common dream globally.  Every countries’ most searched for dream meaning has been plotted on a map – hi-res images of these are downloadable here:    If you choose to use any of the findings, a link to the original source  would be much appreciated.

    The whole world has in common

    Be it dreams about falling, bumping into a dreaded ex, or losing teeth, dreaming is something the whole world has in common, and many of us turn to Google for answers on the meaning behind our dreams.

    To find out whether these dreams vary depending on the country you live in, researchers at Secret Linen Store used a list of over 390 common dream subjects to find which are being Googled the most worldwide. While our canine friends topped the list, more nightmarish visions of snakes, teeth falling out, and running into an ex-partner also made up the top ten.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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