Costa Rican Scientists Testing New Snake Venom Vaccine to Protect Domestic Animals

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    Scientists at the Clodomiro Picado Institute in the University of Costa Rica are in the testing phase of a vaccine to protect livestock from the effects of snake venom.

    The vaccine was manufactured with toxins from snake venom, but was attenuated, so that the animal’s body can generate antibodies.

    According to researcher María Herrera, the idea is that if cattle are bitten, they can avoid death since the harmful effects of the poison are reduced, so there is more time to take it to a vet and get the full treatment.

    It is a great advantage since many cattle suffer from incidents with snakes at night and when they’re found it’s too late to save their lives.

    The project is being implemented with the cooperation of Palma Tica, who offered their cattle for research, and financing was provided by the International Foundation of Science in the interest of finding such a vaccine.

    When this invention is perfected, the next step is to study its application in other domestic animals.

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