Costa Rican Immigration Providing Better Information Services to Immigrants

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    San Jose Costa Rica – Immigration Department and local Municipalities join efforts to provide better information services to immigrants and foreigner who live here part time or full time, or those who are planning for relocate or retiring in Costa Rica.

    Last week, the Costa Rican Immigration Department (DGME) inaugurated an immigration training program for local municipalities known as “Programa de Formación Municipal de Servicios Migratorios.”

    The goal of the program is to train and better prepare municipal staff members in immigration affairs, so they can provide better services to the immigrants in their respective communities.

    With this initiative the DGME expects immigrants to feel confident and safe to approach any municipal council across the country to request help or guidance on a wide variety of topics. In addition, the program plans to help immigrants avoid becoming victims of scams by others.

    The inauguration ceremony gathered several representatives from different Costa Rican institutions that are involved in the program. Among the attendees were the Minister of Public Security, Mario Zamora; the Director of the Costa Rican Immigration Department, Kathya Rodriguez Araica; the Assistant Director of the Costa Rican Immigration Department, Freddy Mora; and representative for DEMUCA Foundation, Mercedes Peña.

    The training program will begin in the municipal councils of Liberia, Nicoya, Alajuelita, Desamparados, Heredia, Escazu, Talamanca, Siquirres, Cartago, Paraiso, Turrialba, Corredores and Osa, among others.

    The first stage of the program is the designation of a contact person between the DGME and the municipal council, and the designation of an information facilitator between both institutions.

    “It is very important that people receive clear and concise information, which is why the Costa Rican Department of Immigration (DGME) considers that is vital that immigrants and residents that work at municipal councils have access to such information,” said Freddy Mora, Assistant Director of DGME.
    Meanwhile, Kathya Rodriguez Araica, Director of DGME, highlighted the relationship between the municipal council and the community and the importance of strengthening these relationships so that immigrants have access to information on immigration affairs.

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