Costa Rican Couple Participate in NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Special Program

Similarly, 5 More Straight Couples in Different Parts of the World also Participated

Gonzalo Solórzano and Alejandro Rambar are 2 Costa Ricans who have a solid equal couple relationship. And taking advantage of the fact that on the upcoming Tuesday, May 26th, equal marriage takes effect in Costa Rica, both of them were planning to marry, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed their plans abruptly.

men wearing tuxedos for wedding dance
Costa Ricans Gonzalo Solórzano and Alejandro Rambar

Like them, 5 more straight couples in different parts of the world also saw their dream of saying “yes, I accept” and dancing the waltz together frustrated. That is why the program “Today Show” of the American network NBC brought together these 6 couples from 6 different time zones on Tuesday and, in a virtual way, gave them 2 surprises. Of course, they were all dressed up, as if it were the same day as the wedding.

Presenter Hoda Kotb told Ashkit and Cheeshta from India, Australians Amanda and Rhys, Americans Jonathan and Alanna, Bahamas native Chester and Amanda, Costa Ricans Gonzalo and Alejandro, and Lesley Chiang and Pakho from Hong Kong, who would give US$ 1,000 to each couple for their wedding when they can get married.

“I know that you are not the only ones discouraged. Your families are a little bit depressed because they wanted to be at your weddings, and we thought; well, how about at least they can see the first dance ?, Hoda said excitedly and introduced the artist Pat Monahan, who sang the song ‘Marry Me’ to them”.

Alejandro ended by saying “Love will always win. Love always wins” while dancing romantically with Gonzalo, his companion for adventures and moments in good times and not so good times.

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